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Winsen Electronics Technology

Zhengzhou Winsen Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturers specialized in the R&D and mass production of gas sensor and module, and other sensors as PIR sensor, flow sensor, humidity sensor, instrument and equipment for gas sensors.

  • Gas sensor and module
  • PIR sensor
  • Flow sensor
  • Humidity sensor
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Annually supplying over 15,000,000pcs gas sensor & modules worldwide


Chinese Stock market listed company since 2009


15 production lines; over 400 sets of production and detection equipment; over 30000m2 factory.

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MQ131 Low Concentration Ozone Gas Sensor

MQ131 Low Concentration Ozone Gas Sensor

Winsen Electronics, as a professional gas sensing solution provider with over 30 years gas sensor manufacture experience, offers Ozone O3 gas sensor.

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4R-PID Photoionization PID Sensor

4R-PID Photoionization PID Sensor

4R-PID is a high-performance photoionization PID sensor. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, wide detection range and wide spectrum. It can detect thousands of volatile organic compounds

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Gas Sensor ME3-ETO

Gas Sensor ME3-ETO

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ME4-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor

ME4-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor

Winsen Electronics, as a professional gas sensor manufacturer, produce H2S/ hydrogen sulfide sensor, using fuel cell / electrochemical working principle.

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MQ303B Semiconductor Alcohol Sensor

MQ303B Semiconductor Alcohol Sensor

Winsen Electronics manufacture mini size alcohol sensors for gift-type breathalyzer use.

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MQ-2 Smoke Sensor

MQ-2 Smoke Sensor

Winsen Electronics, manufacture original and new smoke gas sensor, propane gas sensor with long lifespan and low price, for domestic gas leakage alarm and flammable gas alarm use.

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Winsen Electronics, MC114 flammable gas sensor, adopts catalytic combustion principle, and detects natural gas CH4, LPG C3H8, CO and alkanes.
Winsen Electronics is original manufacturer of MQ-7B Carbon Monoxide gas sensor, CO Gas sensor, with 80% market share in gas sensor field.
Winsen Electronics produces F1012 micro flow sensor, adopting thermodynamic principle to detect the gas flow.
ZE03 is a general-purpose and high-performance electrochemical module. It uses three electrodes, electrochemical gas sensor and high-performance micro-processor. By installing different gas sensor, the module could detect relevant gas. It is with built-in temperature sensor to make temperature compensation, which makes it could detect the gas concentration accurately. It has the digital output and analog voltage output at the same time which facilities the usage and calibration and shorten the development period. It is a combination of mature electrochemical detection principle and sophisticated circuit design, to meet customers’ different detection needs.
MP-4 model with advanced planar construction is comprised of heater and metal oxide semiconductor material of subminiature Al2O3 ceramic plate, fetch out electrode down-lead, encapsulation in metal base and cap. When the target gas exists , The sensor’s conductivity is more higher along with the gas concentration rising. Please use simple electrocircuit, convert change of conductivity to correspond output signal of gas concentration.